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The Title is the Most Difficult Part

The sun has been hidden from view, for two days now, by fog. It has been blowing wind, raining, and snowing inside this fog. Frequently throughout the day, I would glance out the windows to see if our mountains had come into view.

Late this afternoon, the sun came out for a short time and I took this photo of the cloud sitting on top of the mountains. Isn’t it absolutely gorgeous? God is the ultimate artist. All of His creation is carefully handcrafted.

As an artist, I can only wish I had such talent. I do enjoy capturing His beauty on paper with flowers as my favorite subject matter. Have you ever noticed just how much color there is in a white flower? Study one sometime, you’ll be amazed.

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Only Slightly Centsible

Here I am again! Amazing, huh? Yesterday was my 36th wedding anniversary. After going out for lunch with my husband to Red Lobster, we headed over to one of our local nurseries to see what broad leaf evergreens they had. This particular nursery is not inexpensive, but they have employees with an abundance of knowledge and stock great plants. We picked out six plants and my husband said, “Happy Anniversary!” They are called Silver Princess Boxleaf Euonymus. The colors are lovely and look very attractive in the side flower beds. The beds are raised and made of slumpstone.

The ‘not centsible’ part of this is that the plants were $12 each! Yikes! The conversation with the owner and master gardner, Ken Lain was worth it, however. I have spied around our property and have found a few more places where I can place some nice plants. Most likely, any future plants will be purchased at Lowe’s or Home Depot.

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Oh, Dear

This might prove to be very interesting, my writing of a blog that is. I am not the writer in our family. My husband, daughter, and son, they are the writers. But, after being prodded by my daughter to begin, here I am.

I created this blogsite in 2007 and, at long last, this is my first entry.

Blank, my mind is just blank…but stay tuned, something may eventually begin to form.