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Spencer the Tuxedo Cat

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My cat and long time furry friend, Spencer died yesterday. I found him on the side steps lying as if he were taking a nap. No marks on his body, no signs of distress.

It was a rainy, dreary, sad day. Our kind neighbor let us bury him in his back yard which butts up against the vast countryside. Spencer used to enjoy going over there in the field searching for critters to catch.

He was the best mouser we’ve ever had. Along with mice he brought us lizards, shrew, quail, and other assorted small creatures.

He was a very affectionate cat and enjoyed sitting on my lap with his face in my face, purring away the hours. He would touch a persons face with his paws while being held. He loved everyone.

Pets. They sometimes bother us, but mostly they comfort us. They become part of the family with their own personalities molded by the varying interaction of it’s members. Always entertaining, he will be missed.

I will miss his softness and unconditional love. 


Author: Cindy

Christian, wife, mother, grandmother, artist.

One thought on “Spencer the Tuxedo Cat

  1. Beautiful. Furry friends are the best. Love you, Marmie.

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