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To Shampoo or Not to Shampoo

Good day to you!

I have read and heard about people that choose not to use shampoo on their hair.  My neighbor and friend tried it recently and gave her good report to me while out shopping garage sales one day.  She is a great neighbor and we have discovered that we have SO much in common.

The theory is that your body creates oils on your scalp that are stripped away when you shampoo.  Your body then has to create more oils to replace what was washed away.  When you use baking soda on your scalp instead of shampoo, it is much gentler and doesn’t strip away the natural oils.  I have been warned that, at first, your hair may look terrible.  Your body is still creating the oils that shampooing usually removes.  Soon your head realizes that it doesn’t need to produce all those oils everyday, any more.

This morning, I placed about a cup of baking soda inside a plastic bottle that I had sitting around.  It holds 20 ounces of water.  I then added water to fill it and shook it up.  In the shower, I poured about a cup of it all around the area of my scalp.  I rubbed my hair and scalp to make sure it was mixed in to my scalp.  Then I let it sit while I showered.  Lastly, I rinsed it out.  I dried it with a blow dryer and curled it with electric rollers, as usual.  It feels soft and silky.  I have shoulder length, fine, dry hair. 

I will keep you updated on my no-shampooing experiment.  If you have any questions, please post them in the comment section.