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Feels like Spring

I was sitting outside the other day and enjoying the lovely weather.  The birds were singing, bees buzzing, planes streaking across the sky, and I could hear hammering in the distance.  Warm sun was shining and a cool breeze was blowing. It doesn’t get any better than that for me.  Sitting outside, letting my mind wander is so enjoyable.  
While I was enjoying myself, I heard a loud buzz and looked around expecting to see a large horse fly.  Instead, I saw a hummingbird flitting around the blossoms on my nectarine tree.  They’re back! 

I went inside and dug out the hummingbird feeder and hung it on the balcony.  It holds 3 1/2 cups of water.  I add about 1 cup of sugar and stir until it’s dissolved.  You don’t need to add any food coloring.  I have to lean out over the rail to hang it on the hook that my husband put into the eaves.  To make it easier to attach it to the hook, he put a wire with a loop at the end, on the top of the feeder.  Now, I can watch the hummingbirds from my office window. 


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Less Static

I have to update you on my no-shampoo experiment.  My daughter-in-law just had a new baby and I went down to stay with the other children while this baby was born.  I forgot to take some baking soda with me to use on my hair.  Not wanting to go out to the kitchen and rummage around looking for some, I just used the shampoo already in the guest shower.  I hadn’t used shampoo on my hair for two weeks.  The first thing that I noticed was that my hair was full of tangles when I combed it after washing.  Baking soda wash leaves your hair soft and tangle free.  Secondly, after drying my hair with the blow dryer, my hair was full of static!  Yes, I live in a dry climate and we have static here, but I didn’t realize how much less static my hair had while washing with baking soda until I washed it again with shampoo!  The difference was quite noticeable.  I have been converted.  I do not plan to use shampoo on my hair again, unless circumstances force me to.  I urge you to give it a try for a week. 

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I finished my little 7×5 watercolor painting today.  I have decided to paint on a larger format now for a while.  At least 8×10 or larger.  Small paintings can get frustrating, because they are tedious due to such small detail.  When you see the miniature paintings done by any artist, know that they were difficult to paint.
I haven’t yet decided on a photo for my next painting.  My daughter sent me a few photos, maybe I will feel inspired to paint one.
I use a Panasonic DMC-ZS1 to capture the images of my paintings.  I have been very happy with it until today.  For some reason, my computer does not see the camera anymore.  We have tried multiple things to remedy this, to no avail.  I will be digging out my old Olympus C-3000 camera until I can get this figured out.  The image here was scanned using my Cannon CannoScan-4400F.