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New Endeavor

I have leased a space in a local consignment shop.  My neighbor and friend, Donna and I are sharing it together.  She makes wonderful lotions and creams.  The shop is a nice one and has been in business at the same location for over three years.  It is run by a woman and two of her friends.  Product is quite various, with antiques, clothing, jams and jellies, jewelry, and now even my art work.  To date, there is no other person selling art.

I have been busy printing note cards and matting prints for sale in my booth.  I will also be hanging several originals.  It has been fun hitting garage sales looking for display furnishings.  I found a nice little, solid mahogany night stand in excellent condition.  My note card rack sits perfectly on top of it.  I also found a low bookshelf to place on the back wall of the booth.  One of my original paintings will be placed above it.

Moving day is May 2nd.  Donna and I are planning on doing a quick paint job and then getting set up as quickly as possible.  As soon as it’s set, I’ll post some pictures here.


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Loving It

Still washing my hair with baking soda and loving it.  I found a container at the thrift store with a screw on lid. My husband drilled holes in the lid for me.  I use it for applying the baking soda more evenly to my hair.  Before, I was using a plastic water bottle, but the water came out too fast.  Now, it pours on at just the right rate.  I open the lid and add about a cup of water then replace the lid and swirl it around to mix in some of the baking soda.  Then apply it directly to my wet hair in the shower.  It works wonderfully. When the baking soda gets low in the bottle, I refill it to about 2/3 full.  You need to leave space at the top for the water to mix and stir-up some of the soda.  You can experiment and see what works best for you