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Lately, I have been feeling rather convicted about all of the crafts and craft supplies that I have accumulated over the years.  They sit and sit, and nothing happens with them.  I go thrift shopping and add to my pile.  Well, this has got to stop!  I have decided to go through my ‘stuff’ and make a list of what creations are there for the making.  I thought of trying, like many others, to make one creation a day.  However, being gone frequently on the weekends, I have decided it might be wiser to attempt just four creations a week.  My intention is to use up the supplies that I have before buying any more! 

My son just recently bought a home and I gave him the furniture that was his when he was a boy.  The problem that created was that I no longer had any furniture in my studio.  Everything was in boxes that used to be in chests and dressers.  No desk to use either.  So, I hit the garage sales with my husband, and we found two large, matching desks for $5 each.  They are more like work desks, they have no drawers.  We also found a white hutch which sits perfectly on top of one of the desks in the corner of the room.  My husband added a shelf to it below the doors.  We found a rolling cart at a thrift store that he built three shelves in for me.  I then found boxes that fit each shelf and covered them with fabric.  Now I have drawers again.  My supplies are all cleaned up and put in their proper places.  I am ready to begin my challenge.  Stay tuned for what I hope will be frequent updates!