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Christmas Projects

For Christmas this year, I did some painting and decoupaging. I had a small oak table and chairs that my children used when they were little.  My husband sanded all the paint off of it down to the natural oak.  I then did a light wash on the table with white acrylic paint.  I used a damp rag to dip into the gallon of paint then rubbed it onto the table.  I used the same technique to paint the chairs, however, I mixed red with the white for a nice pink.  The grain of the wood shows through the light washes of paint.  When the table was dry, I painted pink stripes on the apron of the table and a square design and flower on the table top.  My husband then sprayed a light coat of acrylic clear coat on it.  It made a very nice gift.

My grandson of the same family, is six years old.  He recently inherited his father’s childhood, bedroom furniture which is painted black.  I found a small bookshelf at a garage sale for $2 and bought it.  My husband and I painted it black with the same paint as the bedroom furniture.  Then I used Modge Podge to decoupage some Star Wars characters onto the sides of the bookshelf.  He loved it.  🙂  

I enjoy creating things for my family that have a more lasting value than just purchasing them pre-made.