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Vacation Time

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My husband and I are busy these days planning our summer vacation.  Since 2005, we have been attempting to take a road trip to the New England states.  Every summer something comes up that prohibits us from accomplishing this goal.  This year things are looking up.  
We have already made hotel reservations in Plymouth, MA and have also booked a cruise while there.  We decided we should use whatever methods we can to reduce our costs.  Our original plans were to pull our 5th wheel and camp across the country.  With gas prices being so high, we have now decided to drive the car.  It gets three times the mileage of the truck pulling the camper.  
My husband created a spreadsheet to keep track of all the data and to calculate mileage and costs.  We entered info as camping and also hoteling it.  Then my husband got a brainstorm idea. Because I like camping so much, he suggested that we utilize the camping cabins at KOA campgrounds across the country.  So, we thought about this and came up with a pattern.  Deluxe cabin with bathroom, first choice; plain cabin, second choice; tent, third choice; and hotel, last resort if weather is bad or we just need it.  The cost for the cabins runs around $50 a night, which is cheaper than a hotel.  For Boston, however, we discovered the cabins were $125 a night and we found a decent hotel for $110 a night, so we booked a hotel while in that area.  
We have spent three full days pouring over maps and tour books and updating our spreadsheet as we go.  It takes a lot of work to plan a trip.  In days past, we would have just gotten in our car and headed out, stopping wherever and whenever we felt like it.  But since we are trying to save on fees, we are pre-planning our route.  

I intend to blog while on this journey, whenever possible.  Laptops will be going with us. The camping cabins have electricity and KOA’s have wi-fi, so I should be able to keep my blog current.  We noticed that many of the tent sites even come with electric hook-ups.  I guess that’s for running pumps to inflate those air-mattresses! But, for me, it means blogging at the picnic table.  🙂

Author: Cindy

Christian, wife, mother, grandmother, artist.

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