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Deadwood to Bismarck May 30, 2012

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After just four days without a calendar, I am beginning to have a little trouble remembering what day of the week it is.  I do carry a Palm Pilot for just this sort of thing!

The road goes on forever.

Today we woke up at 7:30 a.m.  We ate our breakfast of uncooked oatmeal with almonds in our warm cabin.  Then we were on the road by  9:15.  That’s 30 minutes earlier than yesterday.  Tom set all the miles for driving each day when he planned out our route.  Most days we are scheduled to drive not more than 350 miles.  We don’t like long driving days.  We are trying to enjoy the journey.  I heard a woman at her campsite say she had been on the road for six weeks and had driven for 13 hours that day.  Why?  Not I, thank you very much.

Rainy Red Roads

Today was a rainy day.  It rained, lightly, all day of our driving.  We were on mostly red roads today, but drove the last 100 miles on I-94.  From now on, much of our trip will be on major interstates.  Less glory and awesomeness is all I have to say.

Welcome to North Dakota.  Hmmmm…even the sign looks cold and icy.  The weather was rainy and our low today was 42 while driving.  That’s colder than yesterday.  They say Summer’s coming, but I’m not so sure. 

We changed drivers in a little town called Bowman.  They had a little coffee bar in the main gas station/travel stop, so I bought an iced coffee blended by Big Train.  Big Train was the original coffee mix that I used to purchase at Costco years ago.  I wish they sold it still rather than Cafe DiVitto that they have now.  It was YUMMY. 

Salem Sue

We passed a city on I-94 named New Salem  with the world’s largest Holstein, Salem Sue.  Isn’t she cute?

We arrived in Bismarck at 3:45 Central Time.  This was a short driving day.  The heater in this KOA Kabin is a portable electric one.  The others were both built in electric.  Running constantly, it was able keep the room at a drafty 72.  The thermostat says 72, however it doesn’t feel that warm.  My fingers and nose are cold and I’m wearing a down vest.   Good night.

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