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Moab to Rawlins May 28, 2012

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After a great night’s sleep and a free breakfast we headed out at 8:36 a.m. Mountain Time.  Today was sunny to start and the further north we went, the more clouds converged overhead.  🙂  It was also very windy with “gusts to 50” said the local weather.

Gray road in Utah

I don’t know why anyone would ever want to fly across the country.  I think it is just beautiful and don’t want to miss a thing.  The first four days of this journey are mostly traveled on red roads. Those are the roads that appear in red on your map.  We also traveled on a gray road today.  The TomTom is forever telling us to ‘turn around when possible’.  We try to keep her on her toes!

We have seen so many pronghorn today.  We have them, also, in our hometown each season.  Pronghorn are migratory.  The ones in my region are called Sonoran Pronghorn and are considered an endangered sub-species, because of their limited number of 200-300 in population. You can read about them here.  The historical account, I don’t necessarily believe accurate, however the description and other information is good.

A female ran across the road in front of us from the left side of the road.  I saw her heading across the road and slowed down so I didn’t hit her.  Later in the day, a male was running along the right side of the road heading toward us.  I slowed again, because I was afraid he would dart out in front of me.  I came almost to a stop as I passed him.  He ran across just after I passed right into the path of a truck and trailer coming the opposite direction.  I still can’t believe he made it across.  We saw one group of deer, also.

We drove through Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming today.  The welcome sign greeting us as we entered Colorado was pretty old and beat up.  From what I have seen across the country, most states have nice looking welcome signs.

Welcome to Wyoming.  Forever West.  What a great sign.

 After driving 366 miles, we arrived in Rawlins, Wyoming at 3:15 p.m. Mountain Time. This night we stayed in a KOA Kamping Kabin.  This was the most barren KOA at which we have ever stayed. 

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