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Road Trip!

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The time has finally arrived!  We left our home on Sunday, May 27th at 8:00 a.m. for a 7 week, 7000 mile road trip!!  We have been attempting this trip for about six years and something always comes up that postpones it.  This year, we made it happen.  We do have weddings in July and August that we have to be back for, so we counted backwards from those dates to figure out what day to leave and there you have it! 

I began putting my updates on my Facebook account, but they are not cooperative, so I will just stick to my regular blog.  We expect to have internet at most of our stops, including the campgrounds.  We are staying 16 nights camping, 8 hotels, 17 with family or friends, and a 7 night cruise in the middle.  If possible, I will blog each evening after we have arrived at our ‘home base’ for the day. 

Agathla Peak, Arizona

Sunday’s drive to Moab, Utah was wonderful.  The scenery on the SR163 was amazing.  But the road was narrow and windy (long i).  There were also many steep hills with 6 to 10 per cent grades.  We prefer to take red roads whenever possible and also hit some gray roads on occasion. 

In northern Arizona we drove through part of Monument Valley and saw some beautiful buttes and peaks.  Some we found names for and others are unknown, but still very unique. 

After traveling 392 miles, we arrived in Moab at 4:00 p.m. Mountain time and spent the night at the Sleep Inn. 

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