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Bismarck to Maple Grove May 31, 2012

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Pretty greenery and puffy clouds.

Oh boy.  Although all things were not wonderful today, we are thankful for the smooth travel and wonderful weather.  I forgot to charge the batteries on the camera, so we had to use it sparingly.  The countryside was green and there were many lakes along the roadside, especially when we reached the border of the land of 10,000 lakes. 
Welcome to Minnesota

And here you see my failed attempt to get a picture of the Welcome to Minnesota sign.  At 75 mph, you have only one chance to get the shot.  I blew it.

Also, I didn’t have my morning frapp, so I had trouble staying awake today.  I stayed up until midnight blogging last night  which didn’t help much either.

We arrived at our KOA in Maple Grove and got our Kabin.  The woman told us they had it opened up, because they had recently re-varnished the wood and were airing it out.  Well, let me tell you, it did not smell like varnish. It smelled like urine and was not acceptable to stay in.  We went back over to the office and got a refund. 

Sleep Inn
So here we are in our KOA replacement cabin.  😉 
Signing off relaxed, refreshed, and pampered. 

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