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Maple Grove to Wisconsin Dells June 1, 2012

We left our comfy hotel at 8:45 a.m. Central Time and headed out on the highway!

I missed the Welcome to Wisconsin sign, completely.  I thought this might be the next best thing.  🙂

The weather was beautiful with blue skies and an occasional white cloud.  I-94 had us zipping along at 65 MPH all day.  Along the way we saw MANY farms.  I took a few pictures of some that were close to the highway.

This farm looks quite antiquated, don’t you think?  It was lovely.  We saw a lot of active farms that, along with their new barns, had old falling down barns on their properties.  I am glad that they don’t tear them down, because they are so unique and a part of our history.

We stopped for lunch at a nice rest stop.  What did we eat?  Cheese, crackers, and blueberries.  The rest stop had this great line of recycle bins.  They read, left to right:  Trash, Clear Glass, Brown Glass, Green Glass, Tin, Plastic, Aluminum, and Trash.  Now that’s what I call recycling.

Does this look familiar?  We have been pulling it along behind our car.  Then we just stop for the night and sleep.  Okay, not really, they just all look the same.  This one has a screen door on it, so you can leave the door opened and not get any bugs.  Speaking of bugs, we haven’t seen many on this trip.  No bugs the first four days, then we had lots of bugs across North Dakota.  Now we have no bugs again. I am NOT complaining.

We set up our camp and then drove to downtown Wisconsin Dells.  We parked at the end of the main street and spent a couple of hours walking around.  We walked along the ‘Riverwalk’ and snapped a few pictures.  There are even a couple of me to prove that I am actually on this trip.

I love trains and there are tracks that run right next to the campground.  We have heard several trains already.  The same tracks run through town.  A train was just passing when we got on the Riverwalk.

While in town we stopped in a Carr Valley Cheese store.  We purchased a bag of cheddar curds and had them with dinner later.  Another stop we made along main street was the candy store!!!  Mmmmmm.  I got an ice cream cone and Tom got a rootbeer.  The walk was good after sitting in the car for so long.

Although the river is pretty, I would not consider Wisconsin Dells a destination.  We stopped here, because Tom’s parents came here on their honeymoon.  Maybe in 1950 this place was the place to go.  It reminds me of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee on a much smaller scale.

Tomorrow’s agenda?  A visit with family in Valparaiso, Indiana.