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Erie to Niagara Falls June 4, 2012

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Today, we had light rain for a large portion of our drive.  Toll roads, toll roads, everywhere we pay toll roads.  We looked into getting the EZPass, but decided to just use the cash lanes.  FYI, if you get a pass the tolls are 50% less.  It would have been best if we had gotten a pass before we headed out on this trip. 

Every state handles their tolls differently, also.  Some are more efficiently run than others.  Most have automated booths that you take a ticket from, then pay when you exit.  In New York, they actually pay a person to stand and hand you a ticket as you stop. 

We got to the KOA in Youngstown at 1 p.m.  We set up our cabin and headed out to Niagara Falls.  It’s not far down the road.  Our camping host told us where to park for free and then walk.  That is what we did.  We certainly could use the exercise after spending so many hours in the car, day after day.  This Niagara Falls area is greatly in disrepair.  To know the economy is failing, all you have to do is take a road trip. 

The water in the rapids and over the falls is massive. You can feel the power.   We walked all around the Niagara Falls State Park looking as the water from every angle. 

We saw tourists from all over the world.   And the most exciting creature, in my opinion, was this black squirrel.  I have never seen a black squirrel before.  We also saw a tan squirrel with a black face and black underbelly.  Very odd. 

We had trouble crossing streets because New Yorkers own the road.  They don’t stop even when you are in a crosswalk with the walk sign lit.  We walked back to the car when the wind picked up for fear that it might start to rain. 


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