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Niagara Falls to Plymouth June 5, 2012

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It began with bright sun then clouds descended.  We had no rain, just a little misting here and there.  If you want to live where there are no traffic rules, move east.  Speed limits and traffic signs mean nothing.  I think it’s the people’s revenge for toll roads and continuous road work.  I, personally, can’t wait to get out of here. 


 The further east we traveled, the more clouds we encountered.  The New York countryside was very pretty.  Many farms dotted the landscape with the most common color scheme being black and white.

Traffic increased as we drove across Massachusetts, as did the speed at which they traveled.  The heavier the traffic the faster they went!  



Sandal’s final resting place.

I forgot to tell you that on Saturday Tom tried to roll down the driver’s window and it would not budge.  It’s broken, for the third time.  Not wanting to roll it down and then have it not roll back up, we have not made any further attempts to roll it down.  This means that we have to open the door to pay the tolls.  And that brings me to today’s story.  When I wear flip flops, I take them off to drive.  I don’t think they are safe for driving.  Anyway, I take them off and stuff them to the left side of my seat.  Then, when I stop, I put them on before I open the door to get out.  At toll stops, I am not getting out.  We stopped at a rest stop to use the restroom and I had only one sandal next to the seat.  I knew right away, it fell out when I opened the door to pay the last toll two hours earlier.  Grrrr…  They were my favorite sandals. 

Now, we are in a hotel in Plymouth, MA for the next four nights.  My blogging should continue through Friday night, then you most likely will not hear from me again until Saturday the 17th. 

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