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Valparaiso to Erie June 3, 2012


We drove on a red road for a while today through Michigan.  We stopped at a little store and bought some cookies to munch on. 

The skies were bright and sunny throughout most of the day. 

Driving through busy cities, like Cleveland, make me all the more thankful for the little city that I live in.  ๐Ÿ™‚

We encountered a lot of road work all day long.  Seems the colder states have more damage to their roads.

I don’t remember exactly where this was, but I considered it a pretty wild turn for a freeway.  Aaron has some XBOX games that were very similar to some of our driving experiences on this trip!  It was like a raceway through the city.

We got to our little cabin in the woods before dinner.  It was rather cool at our campground in Erie.  I went to put on my white sweatshirt, but couldn’t find it.  After searching diligently for it, we deduced that I left it on the bed in the hotel.  White sweatshirt, white sheets = invisible sweatshirt.

The grounds had a small lake that we walked around and saw a woman fly fishing.  Just about 50 feet from our cabin it began to rain.  We made it onto the porch just in time to enjoy watching it pour.  It rained off and on all night long.  We woke to cloudy weather, but no rain. 


Author: Cindy

Christian, wife, mother, grandmother, artist.

2 thoughts on “Valparaiso to Erie June 3, 2012

  1. Aunt Cindy, Hope you get a nice noisy (not damaging) thundershower. I remember when you first came to Iowa you had a thunderstorm on your drive from Cedar Rapids to Waterloo. 1980/81?

  2. That was 1981! I now live in Arizona. We get fierce lightning storms. Three houses and one person have been struck by lightning on my hill and that's four too many for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

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