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The Amazing Town of Plymouth – June 6, 2012

Wow!  I had the most amazing day walking around the little town of Plymouth today.  I took more pictures than you would care to look at.  Sarah Glover, you would have LOVED this place.  Plymouth is a photographer’s paradise. 

Our first stop was Burial Hill.  I took 46 pictures in the cemetery alone.  Reading tombstones is a great experience.  I have been to many old cemeteries, but this is the best one, yet.   

The graves and their markers are not placed in any orderly fashion.  Family groups are, however, grouped together, but nothing is in rows.  As we walked around reading the stones, we were reminded of how many children did not survive to their second birthday.  Mothers lost many of their babies in those days.  The parent’s markers are, in general, the larger markers with their children’s markers near theirs, but in a smaller fashion.  You can see the groups in my photos.

 There are many pictures that I am not including.  We had a wonderful afternoon.  Lunch was at a quaint eatery called Pebbles Restaurant.  We had fish and chips which were fried to perfection.   I said to Tom, “We have to get the fish and chips, because we are on the East Coast.”  If we were in Mexico we wouldn’t order Chinese food, right?

After lunch we continued through town and came upon a Maui Wowi and Tom bought a nice ice-blended espresso for me.  Mmmmmm mmmmm.

Oldest grave 1681.

After we left downtown Plymouth, we went to several shopping centers.  We hit every store in each looking for silver flip flops and a white sweatshirt to replace those that I lost.  We didn’t find either.  However, I managed to get four pair of shoes during all of this shopping.  🙂

Now my feet are tired from all of the walking.  I am going to go soak them in the tub and then rest up for another day of walking tomorrow when we head out to Cape Cod. 

Beautiful view of Cape Cod Bay from Burial Hill.
Court House.
Sign on the sidewalk.
Random memorial plaque downtown.
Memorial Clock downtown.
This is what my studio would look like! 
Mayflower II
We ate lunch here.  Delicious!
Fried Haddock and fries. 
Of course, I had to have a coffee for dessert.
I love the postcard sky and the lovely shutters.
Historic home built in 1637.
Beautiful Bed and Breakfast.
St. Peter’s Church 1876.