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Boston – June 8, 2012

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South Station.

We drove our car to the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal and left it there.  Next Saturday, it will be waiting for us when we disembark from the Maasdam.  From the cruise terminal parking lot, we walked over two miles through town to the Boston Common, a very large park.  On the route we stopped for lunch and walked through a Summer Street Market.  The streets were closed to traffic.  I stood in the middle of the intersection and took a picture in all four directions. 

Sun shining through tree in front of Macy’s.

In the Boston Commons park we were greeted by Mennonites at several locations passing out tracts.  Further on in the park, we heard them singing hymns.  

The weather was warmer than I like which sapped my energy.  We walked about three miles total and I was too tired to walk anyplace else.  So, we headed over to the Hertz office, picked up our car, and headed ‘home’ to our hotel in Plymouth. 

Also, near the park was another old cemetery.  The dates on the markers were mostly 1800’s, not as old as the one in Plymouth.  

Today in Boston, I learned that people walking are very friendly and people in cars are not.  Rudeness abounds here.   If I lived in the city, I would not use a car.  The traffic continued all the way to the hotel. 

Tomorrow we are driving to Montreal, Canada and boarding the Maasdam for a seven night cruise.  You won’t hear from me until we return.  

Street Fair

Street Fair
Mennonite Choir.

State House

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