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Cape Cod – June 7, 2012

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Have you ever driven to Key West?  Well, driving to Provincetown, Massachusetts is similar, just shorter.  The road is banked on both sides by lots of trees and green growth.  No views except for snippets here and there.  The road is called Pilgrims Highway for a while then I noticed signs that read, “Grand Army Highway of the Republic”.  Yes, we are a republic, not a democracy.  I don’t think many people know that. 

Also noticed were flags hung from many of the over passes along the highway.  You may click on any of my pictures to view them larger and in slide show mode.  That way, you can see the flags with more detail. 

We traveled the highway all the way to the end and then turned left to drive into Provincetown.  The speed limits varied from 20 to 60 along the highway.  Since being here, I have noticed even more how radical the East Coast drivers are.  Stop sign?  What’s that?  Seriously, they do not stop, unless they absolutely have to.  In a “California stop”, at least you slow down as you roll through.  Here that is not the case. 

The sky was just beautiful as we got closer to Provincetown.  We had no rain all day, just beautiful skies with lots of sun.  No jackets were required.

And here we are driving into the little seaside town.  These old cities here are very cute.  Electric lines are strung everywhere.  Did you grow up long ago when electric lines were everywhere like this?  I did.  Having lived in more modern cities for the past 40 years, I have forgotten all about how messy it looks with wire strung all over. 

The narrow streets began to make me claustrophobic.  I am not joking.  High season is July and August.  Swarms of people were all over the streets today.  I cannot even imagine being here a month from now. 

A sign read, “Dead End”.  Get me outa here!





Lunch was eaten at a little restaurant called The Coffee Pot.  Tom had a turkey club with a Barq’s rootbeer.  I had a pulled pork sandwich with a frozen mocha cappuccino.  Tom is spoiling me rotten with a fancy coffee very day! 

Waiting for lunch at The Coffee Pot.
The beach at Provincetown.
A church viewed from the pier.
Pilgrim Monument

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