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Boston to Montreal – June 9, 2012

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Rising at 5 AM got us on the road by 6:20 this morning.  Being a Saturday, the traffic through Boston was light.  The first two hours went by quickly.  The scenery was pretty, but rather monotonous through New Hampshire.  Vermont, however, was gorgeous!  We had to stop at the four hour mark while in Vermont and look for a Starbucks.  That way my chatter would help keep Tom alert. 
Because we took a red road into Canada, we were the only car entering at the boarder in Quebec.  No waiting in line.  The boarder officer was very friendly.  Farms were abundant as we drove along through the countryside.  They are more primitive than those we have seen in the U.S.  Metal roofs are common, I suppose to shed heavy snow. 
Tom with our ride.
We crossed a cool bridge into Montreal from which we could see our cruise ship in the distance.  Thanks to our TomTom we drove right to the Hertz facility with no trouble.  Although the cruise terminal was just a mile away, we opted to take a taxi rather than toting our suitcases across town.  
Boarding the ship was as easy as pie!  We enjoyed lunch and a walk around the ship while waiting to leave port and head out onto the St. Lawrence River.  The weather was warm, very warm, while we stood up on deck and watched as the ship entered the river current and headed out.  The captain informed us that the speed of the river current is six knots and causes a little bit of rocking.  I like the rocking, but I must say, this was the calmest cruise we have ever been on.
Of course, this made me think of Nicole.
Vermont is beautiful!!
Click to enlarge and see our ship.


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