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Montreal to Quebec June 10, 2012

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Tom’s store.
Believe it or not, our internal clocks are still on Arizona time.  An alarm must be set if we want to wake up before 8 AM.  After a great breakfast, we got off ship around 10.  Jackets were needed when we first got ashore, but it did warm up enough to remove them later on.
They have such great choice of color. 
Old Quebec is a quaint little sea town that began in the 1600’s as a French trapper’s trading post.  The city sits 300 feet above the water on a natural cliff. Feeling that the area had great potential for a stronghold, the French later built a wall all around the city to protect themselves from invaders.  Rumor has it that they were afraid of an attack from the United States.  But, it was the British that decided to invade.  They scaled the 30 foot walls and took over in a short 20 minutes!  Colorful shops line the streets and also beautiful architecture in old cathedrals and the Citadel itself.  I think it might be a fun place to live, if I spoke French that is.  ‘Unique’ people were abounding.  Old Quebec has become my favorite Canadian city.
Royal Palace.

Street musician.
Of course.
Beautiful house in Old Quebec.
Much of the town is built on the side of a cliff.

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