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Sydney to Halifax, June 14, 2012

Our day ashore was beautiful.  The temperature was rather hot, but we survived.  We spent two and a half hours walking around this diverse town.  There were many old buildings mixed in with modern architecture. 

Starbucks was our first stop.  Then we headed to the park.  The Halifax Public Gardens opened to the public in 1875.  The park united the 1837 Horticultural Society’s garden with the adjacent civic garden created in 1867. It’s one of the rare surviving Victorian gardens in Canada. I enjoyed photographing many flowers and the park landscape.

Beautiful petunias.  
This bridge, in the park, was built in 1911.
Continuing on through town we came to the Citadel.  We didn’t pay to take the tour, but walked up the hill to take in the view.  I snapped this picture of the guard.  I think he was sleeping.  😉  Really, though, he was standing in the very hot sun in full dress and wearing that HOT looking hat.  I died just looking at him.
From there we found our way back down to the waterfront.  To cool off, we walked through an indoor mall.  It was called a mall, but was quite lacking as such.  Street musicians have been abundant on our visit to each Canadian city.  Today was no exception. It was a fun day.

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Charlottetown to Sydney, June 13, 2012

Sydney, Nova Scotia was not very pretty.  Some streets that we walked had lovely old homes, but in general, the town was like showing the state of the world’s failing economy.  Many businesses were closed and even boarded up.  We have noticed the failing economy everywhere we have been so far, but this town was not able to disquise it like most do.

Our ship from shore.
This poppy was as large as my hand.  Beautiful.

One of our choices for lunch today, was Mongolian BBQ, poolside on Lido deck.  It was amazing.  I LOVE Mongolian BBQ.  Each day has something wonderful about it and that was the highlight of my day. 

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Quebec to Charlottetown June 12, 2012

Prince Edward Island’s Charlottetown was first established in 1720 by 300 French settlers.  The town later joined the Dominion of Canada in 1873. 
We hopped in a small tour bus along with 10 other people from the ship and headed to Cavendish to visit Anne of Green Gables Farm.  Lucy Maud Montgomery, the author of the Anne of Green Gables series, was raised in Cavendish by her maternal grandparents.  The home Green Gables was modeled after was that of her grandfather’s cousins.  She visited the home often and walked the woods in the area. 
Green Gables.

Our bus also took us to the seashore on the north shores.  The water is a beautiful sapphire blue and the earth is red.  The contrast was striking, not easy to catch with my little instamatic. 

After returning to the ship was spent some time walking around the shops at the waterfront.  Oh, our tour guide today, told us about the taxes of Canada.  The federal government charge 5% on your purchase, then the Province tax of 10% is charged on that amount.  So you pay a tax on your tax.  I haven’t made any Canadian purchases, as of this writing.   

While on deck watching as the ship was getting ready to leave dock, I saw was I thought was a piece of a plant floating in the water.  Then I noticed more of these plant pieces.  As Tom and I studied them we noticed that the tops were pulsating.  They were jellyfish!  We watched them until we were away.  And because Blogger is very tempermental, I cannot upload any more photos this time.