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Potato Chips Revisited

Okay, some of you may remember my disastrous attempt to bake my own potato chips.  You can read the post here. Today, I decided to search for a potato chip recipe.  I entered ‘home made potato chips no fail’ into the search window.  Reading through the many results I picked the one from, because I have visited their site before.  I read their recipe and discovered that they are made using the microwave.  Now, I know that some of you are not microwave friendly.  I’m sure that you can make these in the oven, also.  However, I will not make them in the oven.  You have seen my results there!

I went to the kitchen and began my experiment.  I followed the directions from  It states to cook the potatoes for 3-5 minutes depending on your microwave.  Well, after making five batches, this is how I did it:

Using yellow potatoes from Costco, I first washed them and cut out any roots or spots. 

I then used my Pampered Chef mandolin to slice them as thinly as possible.  Watch your fingers, if you use a mandolin.  They are VERY sharp.

I sliced up about three to begin with.  Kirkland, Organic, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is what I used to oil the dish and chips with.

The recipe calls for 1 T. oil per batch.  I poured about 2 T. into a small bowl and used it for all five batches.  I prefer less oil.  It didn’t seem to make any difference in the chip itself.  I oiled my microwave turntable by brushing it with oil.

I then lined it with a layer of potatoes and brushed the potatoes with oil on top.

One of the reviews of the recipe on said they found it better to cook them longer.  I discovered that 3-5 minutes was not long enough.  I think it more depends on how many potato slices are on the dish.  You see in the upper photo that I lined the dish with the potatoes touching.  Then in the photo on the right, you can see that they shrink up when baking.  As I watched them baking, I would add 30 second intervals until they turned brown.  The batch to the right were baked for 7 minutes and it was not long enough.  They were chewy.

This was my last batch. I baked them for 8 minutes.  See how they are browned.  They are nice and crispy.

Do not attempt to make these while hungry.  As you can see in the above photo we were eating them faster than I was baking them!

I, also, made my own dip to go with the yummy chips.  I used Greek yogurt from Costco.  I put about 1 1/2 cups of it in this plastic container.  I added 1 clove of garlic pressed through my Pampered Chef Garlic Press.  That is the best press I have EVER had.  I also added a small amount of salt, perhaps 1/8 tsp, and about that much onion powder also.  As this dip sits it will become even more flavorful.

Try this recipe.  I think you will agree that it is very simple.  The only drawback being that you have to make such small amounts at a time.  But, really, that’s better on the caloric intake anyway. 🙂