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Boot Redo

I love Uggs.  I have several pairs of them.  I have a couple of knock-offs, too.  One such pair is rust colored that I bought several years ago at Costco.  It is a nice and cozy pair, just like the real thing.  The problem is I don’t like the color.  At all.  In the winter when it is wet and snowy or rainy, I wear them.  I certainly wouldn’t wear my pretty lavender, pink, or turquoise ones.  They would be ruined.  The rust colored ones work perfectly for this, because we do have a lot of red dirt around here.  However, I don’t spend a lot of time in the dirt, but rather in wet parking lots while shopping.  When I dress in the morning, I look down at my feet and say, “You poor things, you need something cozy and CUTE!”

After wearing them as rust for years, I placed them in my studio with the intentions of not letting myself wear them again until they were ‘cutified’.  Today, I began that project!

First, I began by drawing the design onto the boot.  I paint tennis shoes frequently and this is just a little bit more area to paint, but just as fun.

These photos show the basic pattern that I am envisioning.


Then, I dug out all of my paints and discovered that I was out of white!  Oh no!  Well, that just meant a fun trip to Hobby Lobby to buy some.  Thankfully, all 2 oz. bottles of fabric/craft paints were 30% off today.  The trip to Hobby Lobby set me back, (I spend hours there looking at THINGS) enough that I didn’t get to the painting of the boots today. ~~