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No posts since September?  That is because I am not finding WordPress to be very user friendly.  When frustrated, I tend to quit.  But, with encouragement from my blogging daughter, I am committing to figure it out and get this blog organized.  A downside of this is that my daughter lives 1600 miles away!  We see each other one or two weeks each year.  During that time we drink coffees and chat, chat, chat about blogging, crafting, shopping, and other girlie stuff.

Other news…  My camera broke while on vacation this summer.  You saw my summer travel posts, right?  Well, when I returned home, my son gave me his old camera that was still lying around.  I am now the proud owner of a Nikon D70s with a zoom lens.  That is exciting to me, because now I can get some photos of flowers to paint from.

Before I ever had a digital camera, I used a Pentax SLR for many years.  I also had a Minolta SLR that I didn’t like very much.  When I got my first digital camera, an Olympus C-3000, I put my SLR cameras away in the back of my closet.  When my son gave me the Nikon, it didn’t include a case, so I dug my cameras out of the closet to possibly use one of the cases.  I found five rolls of unexposed film in with the Pentax.  Go figure…only I would pack away film with my cameras.  What a waste!  The Nikon didn’t fit in either case.  My children are so generous.  My photographer daughter had a spare case that is now containing my camera and accessories.  Happy dance.

Keep a look out for some new changes and upgrades to my blog, thanks to some much appreciated help from my daughter.

Author: Cindy

Christian, wife, mother, grandmother, artist.

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