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Friends and Frapps

Recently, we went to Georgia to visit friends ‘G’ and ‘D’.  While the men did whatever men do, we women went out for coffee and also did some shopping.  Not much buying, but lots of idea shopping.  We all enjoy finding bargains or, more correctly, finding those great decorating ideas that we can build on, adding our own touch.

My friend’s daughter, ‘B’ is an interior designer.  ‘B’ helped her parents with the interior decorating of their home.  I must say it is AMAZING!  ‘B’ and her mother ‘D’ are always changing things up.  They even swap furniture between their two homes.

‘D’ had her home already decked out for Christmas.  There wasn’t a room without some touch of cheer and light.  I especially liked her idea for displaying the Christmas cards that she receives from family and friends.  Here, you can see how nicely it looks in her kitchen.


She put command hooks on the inside of the cabinet doors, placing the top one upside down and the bottom one right side up.  Then tied some festive 1″ ribbon to the top hook draping across the top and over the front of the door, down under and behind at the bottom, tying it to the bottom hook.  She covered wooden clothes pins with pretty red ribbons and glued a snowflake to each one.  She uses the clothespin to attach her cards to the ribbon using the clothespins.  Cute idea!


Another display that I enjoyed was above her table in the dinette area of the kitchen.  The ornaments she purchased in store at Hobby Lobby and were clear plastic with splashes of gold on them.  She tied gold, metallic ribbons to each one and then attached them to her chandelier.  You can see their festive tree in the background of the photo.

Do you have a special way that you display your Christmas cards?  Please, use the comment box to tell me about your holiday ideas, I would love to hear about them.

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