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A Change in Scenery

In our living room we have a large fireplace that was built in some time after the house was built.  It takes up a LOT of space.  Someday we plan to remove it for more room.  But until that day, I have become tired of looking at this large, red object.  So, I got the brilliant idea to paint it.  I looked online for ideas and found lots of pictures in great colors.  Deciding on white to brighten up the room, I headed out to Home Depot for some paint.

A Change in Scenery

In the morning,  I began my work of painting the bricks.  Starting out with a brush, I soon discovered this would take hours, if not days, to complete.  I ran downstairs and dug out the tray and roller.  My husband keeps a good supply of roller covers and I found one for rough surfaces.  It proved just the thing for the bricks.  I was even able to press it into the cracks to get the mortar painted.

I know that many of you readers will like the way it looked originally better than how it looks painted white.  I am not even sure how I will like it over time, but it definitely brightens up the room. It was a lot of work to paint it, so I have no plans of changing it anytime soon.  :~:

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