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Sequined Tank

Recently, I found this great post on Pinterest of a sequined tank worn under a jacket.  So, I did a search and found even more.  It’s a great look!

sequin top2

sequin top

Finding the sequined tank, though, proved not to be so easy.  Earlier this week, I headed out to do some Christmas shopping and while out I determined to find a tank.  I looked at Kohl’s which is closest, but they didn’t have any.  I then drove on to the mall which has a Sear’s, Penney’s, and a Dillard’s.  Oh, and other various ladies’ clothing stores.  Several of the stores had tops with sequins on them, but nothing like what was in any of the pictures.  I finally found one at Dillard’s that I thought would suffice and purchased it.  It was on sale for $23.

Here is how it looks. I layered it with a white blouse and black jacket, adding pearl accessories.  Well, it doesn’t quite look as great as I’d hoped.  I’m starting to think that Pinterest is just a place of dreams that we can’t measure up to.  But, I’m not giving up just yet!


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