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I love books, real books.  Books made with paper, the older the better.  Recently, while at the thrift store, I looked through the books and found three worth purchasing.  One is a tutorial on faux painting items, walls, et cetera around the house.  Another a little history book on the origin of certain types of paints like, milk paint and limewash.


The one that I consider a prize is called The American Woman’s Encyclopedia of Home Decorating, copyright 1948.  It smells wonderful.  All of you book lovers will know about that.  It contains 20 chapters on topics the likes of, How to Refinish Your Furniture, How to Make Slip Covers, and chapters on how to decorate every room in the house.


It even contains many pages with photos in color!  It will forever be one of my treasures.


On a side note, my dslr is not working properly.  For some reason it has decided not to use auto focus.  When I get down to visit my son, I’ll have him figure it out for me.  🙂  I thank God for my techie son.

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