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Card Table Redo

This 1980’s card table set was originally my mother’s.  Olive green is not one of my favorite colors.  Since recovering these is such a simple task, I decided to use some colorful fabric for a change.  Fabric can get stained easily, so it might not be the best choice.  We don’t use this table all that frequently, so it should be good for a few years.

card table redo

I headed out to Hobby Lobby and found a nice duck fabric in tans, teals and aquas.  The metal is a greenish-gold color so the colors went well with it.

Card table redo

Heading to the garage, I gathered up all the tools that I knew I would need and then went out to the den.  I decided to do the table first.  Laying the table upside down on the floor, I removed the screws that held the top on.

Card table redo

I laid the fabric on the floor, right side down, and placed the table top on the fabric and cut around it.

I did the chairs in the same way.  The wood used for the top and the chair seats was ‘masonite’ so it was very hard.  My husband has several staple guns, none of which are air powered.  He did have one that was strong enough to use to attach the fabric.   However, the recoil of the spring was so strong that it hurt my wrist.  For this reason, I had to break up the project into a couple of days.

Card table redo

I stapled each side pulling the fabric taught and alternating each side.  I did the corners in the same way, then finished in the non-stapled areas and gathering around the corners.

Card table redo

Then you just reattach the top and seats and your project is done!

Card table redo

I think that the table and chairs look much better now.   My wrists and thumbs are still sore.  My husband suggested I wear leather work gloves next time.  Wish I’d thought of that!

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