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Old Clarksville

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Our family recently went for a short trip to old, downtown Clarksville, Tennessee.  My daughter and I thought it would be fun to go and take pictures around town.  We also thought that the rest of the family might enjoy going along.  Wrong.

As we walked up the main street, we heard some nice horn playing and it sounded live to us.  The other part of the family continued on up the street, while my daughter and I followed the sounds of trumpet.

street performer, trumpet player

Photo by: S Glover Photography

And here you see our street performer.  He greeted us kindly and picked up his silver trumpet.  The old town was pretty deserted on this non-weekend day, but he was there filling the air with his beautiful melodies.

old clarksville tennessee Roxy street

There they go down the street.  My favorite thing about this antique town was the paint color that they used on all the sign posts, benches, trashcans, light posts, parking meters, and grates.  Aqua is my favorite color.  I can’t be anything but happy when looking at it.

old Clarksville episcopal church

This is Trinity Parish Episcopal Church.  We thought it looked striking with those bright red doors.  The kids wanted to see the inside, but upon trying the door we found it locked.  Remember the days when churches were open?  Sad days that they now have to be locked for fear of vandalism. I asked my grandkids, “Where will we go if we ever need asylum?”  They just gave me blank stares.

brick building wall

The neat pattern of this brick wall caught my eye and my granddaughter seemed to enjoy the feel of it’s texture.

old building of brick

Our route was a short one.  Remember at the beginning I mentioned we were wrong about the enjoyment rest of the family would feel on our photo shoot.  The complaints and whining were abundant.  Our concentration was foggy.  The buildings were old and charming.  Most were well kept, but a few were suffering from disrepair.

We left the ‘fam’ on a bench while my daughter and I headed into a couple of antique stores to enjoy a little browsing.  She and I love looking at old things and imagining their past.  My daughter is just a young 30 something, but she has a love for all things old, cemeteries, and things that tell a story.  We have that in common, we do.

antique shuttered window

After our mini tour, we had all finished climbing into the car when my grandson said, “Look at that old window.”  Whoa.  That is a beautiful window.  What great character!  So, they waited, without complaining I might add, while we snapped a few quick shots.  And this ended our little tour of the old downtown of Clarksville, Tennessee.

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