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On the Road Again

Here we are on vacation again.  Because my daughter lives 1600 miles from us, we travel about twice a year to visit them.  I am currently sitting in her office typing out this post.

While here, we took a cruise with friends who live in Georgia.  We drove down to their house for a few days and then boarded a flight in Atlanta bound for NYC.  However, our flight was rerouted to Philadelphia where we waited for thirty minutes before taking off again. We never learned a reason for this.  Once we arrived in NYC, we traveled through Brooklyn via bus to the cruise port.  I had never been to Brooklyn and our driver was very chatty, so it was like taking a free tour.  It was better than some tours we’ve paid for!  The drive was about 40 minutes long.

Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge was completed in 1883.


Caribbean Princess awaits our arrival.

We boarded with our friends and after eating some lunch we walked around familiarizing ourselves with the ship.  I get so excited to have all of my meals prepared for me that I overeat for the first couple of days.  But, who doesn’t overeat on a cruise ship?

The next morning we rose and shared our breakfast together before getting ‘in line’ for the tender boats.  We sat in the Explorer’s Lounge waiting for 40 minutes before our numbers were called to board.  That was the longest we had ever waited for a tender.  First port – Newport, Rhode Island.  The weather was cool and rainy, but we enjoyed our time on shore. Fall colors were just beginning. I caught this great, un-staged, shot of our friends as they waited for me to get out my camera for a shot by the tree.  They didn’t know that I am quick on the draw!

a kiss in fall colors

A kiss in Rhode Island.

We shopped and then walked over to the Cliff Walk.  The Cliff Walk has a nice view of the sea, but you can’t see into any of the backyards of the homes due to tall fences with vegetation growing on them.  We stood in a long thirty minute line, in the rain, to be tendered back to the ship.

I took just two pairs of shoes with me on the cruise.  The pair that I took for walking in port turned out to NOT be very comfortable for walking and my feet were hurting.  While shopping on board after dinner, my husband noticed some shoes for sale in one of the shops.  They were GoWalk by Sketchers.  I tried on a pair and was immediately sold!  They are like walking on clouds.

Second day, Boston, Massachusetts. Our friends, Greg and DeeDee, had friends that lived about an hour north of Boston.  They drove into Boston and picked us up at the cruise terminal.  We squished the four smallest of us in the backseat sans seat belts for the short drive to catch our ride on the Duck Annie Aquarium.  While you can take this tour from the cruise ship, it’s less expensive to book it yourself once off ship.

amphibious vehicle

Duck Tours Annie Aquarium.

After we finished our delightful duck tour, we drove and parked near Quincy Market.  We had lunch there and walked to the harbor before heading back to the ship.

Day three found us in Bar Harbor, Maine.  This little harbor town is one of my favorite places to visit.  I love the small town feel as you walk the town and local  neighborhoods.  Last year when we visited during the summer, we were the only cruise ship in the harbor.  This year there were two ships and the town felt quite crowded.  I believe it was because of the Fall Color cruises which occur during October.

Bar Harbor

View of the Harbor.

Day four we found ourselves visiting the lovely city of St. John, New Brunswick, Canada.  The weather was quite warm. A nice change from the colder weather at the previous ports.  We walked all around the town.  They have a great indoor market that was the highlight of the stop.  With such interesting vendors, I would love to shop in this lovely market on a regular basis.

St. John's Market

St. John’s City Market

The city has an elevated, inside connection pedway that allows residents and visitors to traverse major areas of the city with protection from the weather.  We walked inside, on the pedway, from the City Market to the exit at King’s Square which is a lovely park. We strolled back in time at Trinity Royal which are streets lined with some fine historic buildings.

On Prince William Street, we discovered this nice policeman. He was sharing history about the local police department and allowed photo opportunities with him and his ‘cruiser’.

Volkswagon Police car.

1965 Volkswagon Police Cruiser.

Our fifth day, and final port destination was Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.  Our friends went on an all day cruise tour, so we spent our time walking around areas we had not been to before.  We visited this port last year.  This time, we walked two miles to Point Pleasant Park to see what we could find there.  We spent quite a bit of time wandering around the park trails looking for an historical tower/marker, but never found it.

Point Pleasant Park.

Trees at Point Pleasant Park.

The homes we passed while walking to and from the park were stunning.  I love old homes and these did not disappoint.


Castle-like home on South Park Street.

Halifax, Canada house.

Three story house on South Park Street.

Halifax, Canada house.

Lovely home on South Park Street.

And lastly, this home was by FAR my favorite.  Don’t the red, vining leaves look splendid against the pink color of the house?  I hope the owners appreciate the loveliness of their abode.

Halifax, Canada house.

Gorgeous home on South Park Street.

Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers and we saw many of them while on this cruise.  I wish they would grow at my house in AZ.

Halifax hydrangea blossom.

Hydrangea Blossom.

Day six of the cruise was a sea day spent relaxing on board with our friends.  I rose early on Saturday morning and went up top to watch the scene as the ship returned into the New York Harbor.

Sunrise in Manhattan.

Manhattan Sunrise.

Last year we toured Liberty Island and it was exciting to see her again.  This time, in the lovely morning light.  She stands proudly welcoming visitors into the harbor.  I am a proud American and am in love with Lady Liberty.

New York City Statue of Liberty.

Lady Liberty.

That completes our cruise vacation.  The rest was just a smooth flight back to Atlanta to spend a few more days enjoying the hospitality of our friends.  Until next time.

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Shabby Chic Pin Dish

I was out antiquing with some friends a few month ago.  Brianna told me about a fun project turning a cute dish into a pin holder.  It sounded like something I could use, so I bought this pretty little dish that day for $5.  E-6000 is a staple in my craft inventory and the magnets were purchased at Hobby Lobby.

Antique dish


It was easy to attach the magnets to the dish using the E-6000.

dish with magnets

Magnets glued to dish bottom.

After the glue dried, I tested it with my pins.  It doesn’t hold all of the pins if you turn it upside down.  The dish looks cute sitting on my sewing table and the pins do stay put if the dish is bumped.  In my opinion,  a shabby chic dish is much cuter than the plastic box they previously occupied.

magnetic pin dish.

Finished project.

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