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Pine Cone Swag


My neighbor has two pine trees in her yard.  Lucky me.  I gathered about 30 that looked nice and carried them home.  She loves me and doesn’t mind if I take some of her pine cones.  It’s just like me to forget to take a before picture, but you all know what pine cones look like, right?  They’re brown.

Pine cones in the Yard.

Pine cones in the Yard.

In my studio, I dug out my paints and a brush.  I put newspaper down to save the desk top and painted them all pretty like.  I saw this idea, originally, on Pinterest and they were spray painted shiny red and green.  Since that’s not really my style, I chose white with a hint of yellow ochre in it.

Titanium White and Yellow Ochre

Titanium White and Yellow Ochre

They dried overnight.  Finding some white braid trim in my sewing stash, I measured the amount that I wanted to make the swag drape twice.

Painted and ready to string.

Painted and ready to string.

Using my hot glue gun, I attached them to the braid.  Watch out for those burned fingers.  😛  I spaced the cones about four inches apart along the braid.  When I got to the end, I had four pine cones left over.  With three of them, I made a group hanging for the center of the swag.  I kept one to just place on the mantel by itself.

Completed Pine Cone Swag.

Completed Pine Cone Swag.

I like how it looks.  Since I don’t do a lot of decorating for each different holiday, I made this to enjoy for Fall through Winter.

My newly decorated fireplace.

My newly decorated fireplace.

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4 thoughts on “Pine Cone Swag

  1. So very cute! Maybe I will try it!!

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