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On the Move

The story begins in April 2013, when my husband and I thought perhaps we would like to move to the Phoenix area.  Our son and his family live there.  The drive is too long to just drop by or even to just go over for dinner.  The grandchildren are growing up too fast and we are missing out on hugs and kisses.  Our daughter and her family live 1600 miles away.  We see them about twice a year.  We really would like to see our grandchildren more often.

So, we decided that we could at least move closer to one family.  Since our daughter’s family is a military family, we don’t really want to move around the country with them.  Plus, we prefer a warm, dry climate.  That’s the Southwest, y’all.

Last April, we began looking online for senior communities in the Phoenix area.  We looked at townhomes, condos, houses, and mobile home parks.  Common walls were the big deterrent  to condos and townhouses and price was the limiting factor for site built homes.  We decided to look at 55+ manufactured home and mobile home parks.  We found quite a few and spent several week ends over several months, driving around and looking at them.

In December 2013, we drove around the park we are now in.  We liked what we saw and the HOA is very small.  You own your own lot, so there is no space rent.  We toured a home that we both loved, a lot.  After lots of discussion, two days later we called the realtor and made an offer on it.  They accepted, end of story.  No, wait, that’s not the end of the story.  I say this with exhaustion, “it’s only the beginning!”

It takes lots of work to make a house a home and this will be no exception.

20131214_141824Here is what our new home looks like from the front.

20131214_141858And this is the screened porch.

As each project happens, I will be blogging about it. Currently, we have no internet.  That should be remedied in about a week.  I am already behind, but will try to get some blogging done and uploaded each day.  To do so, I have to walk over to the clubhouse to use the FREE wifi!  Actually, I can get signal from the far corner of my front yard.  I feel that sitting out there, at a little table, practically in the street, might look a little tacky.  I guess I should be more dignified and walk to the clubhouse.  The work begins!

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