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Ceiling Drudgery

We spent all day cutting in and painting ceilings.  The ceilings are acoustic.  I know, most people hate that and make the time and trouble to remove the ‘popcorn’.  I happen to like acoustic ceilings.  I have lived in homes with and without it.  Since we are installing wood floors throughout the house, we felt the acoustic ceilings would help keep noise down.  So, we are painting them pretty, clean, white.


Painting ceilings is neck breaking.  Plus, my husband and I both wear bifocals which makes it hard to see when looking up! I have been taking my glasses off while I paint.  We have vaulted ceilings, so I have to climb up three ladder steps to reach them.  Up and down the ladder all day is good exercise!

We ran out of paint at noon and had to run to Home Depot for more.  While out we made a return at Lowe’s and picked up another box of tiles for the floors that will receive vinyl flooring.  We looked at ceiling fans in both stores and were disappointed in their selection.  Guess we’ll be looking elsewhere.  We are in a new city for us and are unfamiliar with the area.  We don’t have a phone book nor the internet!  Makes it hard to locate stores.  My smart phone has proved invaluable in some cases.

I am sitting in our community’s clubhouse using their free wifi to write this post.  Thankfully, we live very close to the clubhouse and can enjoy the walk here.  I made frappuccinos for us to enjoy while browsing the internet.  Speaking of internet, ours is supposed to be installed tomorrow.  Yay!

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