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Studio Ideas

Today was another day of cutting in and painting ceilings.  Boring stuff.  Pics look much the same as yesterday.  But, we are almost finished with them.  We have used 9 gallons on the ceilings so far.  They are very thirsty. Enough of this tiring subject.

office idea IKEA

While we were at IKEA, I saw this lovely office display.  I already have aqua picked out as the color for the walls and this just solidified that decision.  Isn’t it lovely?  My studio won’t be tackled until we get moved in and get the rest of the house livable.

I have a lot of ideas though.  The color scheme will be black, white, and gray with aqua walls. My large desk is black.  My husband and I used to share an office, but now we are going to split them up.  He will have his own room to work in.  He works better without my chatter.  You can see our black desks in this post My New Daybed Redo.

Black is such a heavy color for such a large desk in my studio, so I have decided to add white to it in the way of zebra stripes.  The idea came to me the other day while day dreaming about what to do with the desk.  The desk is not the only piece of furniture that will need painting.  I have a Pinterest Board with quite a few ideas to spark my creativity.

Stay tuned to my posts for the adventure as it unfolds!

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