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Laundry Room Progress

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We have completed the painting of the ceilings in all the rooms that we required to be done before moving in.  We wanted certain rooms done in which to be able to store all of our furniture while we work on painting the walls and laying floors throughout the house.  We’re trying to make it as organized as possible.

The prepping of the laundry room walls was all completed as well.  Finally, we are feeling a little bit of accomplishment.


Laundry room, paint is still wet.

We spent an afternoon painting the walls in the laundry room with Behr paint from Home Depot.  The color is called Haze.  This is the third home that we have painted the walls with Haze and the trim will be Swiss Coffee.


The color Haze dries to this nice soft taupe like color.

We found something that we like and we decided to stick with it, time after time.

Let me show you a little of how we are camping out in our new home.

dining mess

A card table and chairs are our dining room table, and a bunk bed from our guest suite in our old home is where we are sleeping.  That’s about the extent of furniture that we have so far brought down here.

cabinet miss

I have all kinds of books, pictures, dishes, linens, and assorted items stuck away in all of the cabinets.  We were trying to bring a little down each time we came.  Then our house sold in one day and we were totally unprepared for that.  We have been staying in our new home since, prepping it for moving day as fast as we can.  Our moving day is scheduled for February 15th.  That is FAST approaching!

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