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Unexpected Change!

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After setting out some of the wood flooring in the laundry room to see how it looked with the color Haze, we decided we didn’t care for it so much.  What?  Isn’t it amazing how different a larger area of a color can be so different from those puny little paint chips they give you?  I had a few other paint chips that I had picked up during one of our MANY trips to Home Depot.  They were ones I had chosen to consider for the color in the bathrooms.

new flooring

Here is what the new laminate flooring looks like.

One was called Pecan Sandie.  It was a larger paint swatch from Behr’s color wall.  We thought about it while we had a snack.  It’s funny how food always helps us to think more clearly.  I guess we needed some brain fuel.  The verdict is that Pecan Sandie looks great with the wood flooring and also the tiles that we bought for the laundry room and bathrooms.

Another trip to Home Depot!  I think we’ve been there every day for the past two weeks!  Lowe’s has also been hit a few times.

laundry room repaint

Pecan Sandie is similar to Haze, but a little darker shade.

Painting, a second time, has been completed in the laundry room and we are now assembling the cabinets from IKEA.  They are very easy to assemble.

assembled cabinets

We had never been to IKEA until last Fall when our GA friends took us there for a nice outing.  We were there two and a half hours and still didn’t see the whole store.  Our friends remodeled their kitchen a couple of years ago using cabinets from IKEA and we were impressed with many of the features.

Perhaps tomorrow we will get them installed in the laundry room.  We’ll have to wait and see what the day brings.

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