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Side Projects

When we work on a project around the house, occasionally other projects result.  I should say frequently other projects result.  This house remodel is no exception.

dryer outlet

While checking the wiring for the new dryer in our laundry room, my husband discovered this unique wiring job.  The ground wire was just hanging there, under the plate, unattached to anything.

dryer outlet2

It was a three connection plug with a four wire connection.  They just left that one wire hanging there.  My new dryer requires all four wires, so he was actually happy to see this.

He checks everything before he just connects to it.  He is rewiring all switches and plugs.  He has done this in every home we have ever purchased.


For ten years I have missed this ‘friend’.  I love my swing-a-way can opener.  I am so happy to have the use of it once again.  My last kitchen had no place to hang it. I hope there is a place to hang it when we remodel the kitchen.

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