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Laundry Continues…

We have taken a few breaks from the laundry room work.  We had to spend a few days up north packing and moving more ‘stuff’ down here.  That lead to finding places to put everything.  Plus, add to that a need for diversion now and then, we have done other projects as a break.

Today, my husband decided to remove the laundry room floor all the way down to the original plywood flooring.  I already blogged about him removing the vinyl wood looking flooring.  That was easy. You can read about it in my post A Trip to IKEA. Below that flooring was vinyl tile and below that was the original linoleum flooring from when the home was built in 1985. Now THAT is not so easy.  He told me it is just like peeling the label off of a bottle.  LOL.  He has great patience.

Water damage at door corners.

Water damage at door corners.

It appears that the back door leaked and rainwater came in under the door multiple times.  This would have happened before there was ever an awning like the one now.

The wood is very rotten at the corners of the door.

The wood is very rotten at the corners of the door.

Husband is hoping the damage is not extensive and that he can fix it easily.  We shall see, as the floor continues to come off.

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