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A Little Clean Up

Recently, we made a trip to the dump.  We had a bit of wood, flooring, and some other items that needed removal from the yard!  It was beginning to look trashy out there.

The City of Phoenix allows one free trip to the dump each month.  It’s actually a transfer station, not a dump.

The transfer station is large and actually very nice.  Can you say that about a dump?  They have great signage placed for where to deliver your items.  Regular trash trucks come to the same facility and have their own area.  phxrefuse

Our truck was full.  We were sent to bay 11.  Each bay handles two customers.  The place was very busy.


It felt good to get rid of those old cabinets from the laundry room and garage.  Some old plastic lawn furniture went, too.


Tractors are on the move throughout the place keeping all the trash picked up and out of the way for the next customer.


It was unlike any dump I had ever been to, and I was impressed.  Now that we cleaned up our place a little, it’s time to get back to work!

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