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Catch Up


I haven’t been posting lately as we continue on with our home improvement.  We have the laundry room pretty much completed.  It is still awaiting some trim and crown molding.  My husband will do that when he does the rest of the house.


After we finished the flooring, he installed the base cabinets. You will notice the differing heights of the two plugs.  That’s what you get with manufactured homes.  Originally there was a shorter cabinet here and room for an upright freezer next to it.  I don’t use a freezer, so he extended the cabinets and the counter all the way across.

Then cut the formica counter top. We bought one in stock at Home Depot.


Then we installed it on the base cabinets.  It looks great.


Next, we put on the doors.  When he drilled holes for the handles the finish chipped off as you can see in the photo.  So, he then drilled a little on one side and then drilled through from the other side.  This eliminated most of the chipping.


The handles are brushed nickle.  We bought them at Lowe’s.


Then we brought in the washer and dryer.  This is how it looks today.

finished laundry room

We have been pretty busy with many things other than home demo. But, are plugging along.

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4 thoughts on “Catch Up

  1. Your laundry room looks great!! 🙂 Now you just need some decor so it matches all the lovely pins on pinterest 😉

  2. Agreed! I am planning on making a curtain to hang just behind/above the washer and dryer that will hide the plug and water spigots. 🙂 I’ll be blogging that. Thanks for stopping by, Sadie.

  3. It looks very neat and fresh! I hope you enjoy your wonderful new laundry room.

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