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Kitchen Demo

We had company come for a week and so we put things on hold while we enjoyed them.  After they left, we ripped out one side of the kitchen.  We’ve already been living without an oven (it didn’t work) and range (it had a gas leak).  We moved the microwave to a desk in the entry way.  All of our meals are raw or cooked by microwave.

I removed the contents of the cabinets.  My husband removed the microwave and oven.


Then we ripped it all off of the wall and made a trip to the refuse transfer station (dump).


The electrical was quite convoluted.  My husband had to discern what was what and straighten it all out.  He simplified and moved the outlets.  Also, repaired the drywall.


Manufactured homes are delivered and installed in sections.  Ours is two sections.  The floor was low between the dining room and kitchen right where the two halves meet.  My husband took up the floor to see if there was damage to the sub-floor.  Thankfully, there is not.  He has called a leveler to come and level our home for us.


We just bought the big screen TV to console ourselves.  😉  It’s almost embarrassing to show pictures like this.  But, it’s a process.  Things will change.  Won’t they?

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