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Canned Lights

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While we are waiting for the very busy man to come and re-level our home, we are doing things that won’t be affected by that process.  He told us re-leveling could cause the new drywall patches to crack, so we are not doing anymore on the walls.

When we bought the home, these were the lights that illuminated the kitchen. You can see part of them in this photo of the fan that we removed. The lights were fluorescent lights in wooden boxes.  We removed them.  Remember, in January, I posted how they just about fell off of the ceiling?


This is how it has looked for the past couple of months.  My husband had started to prepare the holes for track lighting, but we changed our minds (we have two of them to change).  We thought canned lights might work better.

ceiling electrical

He made short work of the job, even adding a third canned light.  Today the last 4 rooms of ceiling are being painted, then the lighting can be completed.

canned lights

I am planning on finding something unique to replace the one single light above the sink.  I haven’t found the right one, yet.

You can see the vent with insulation stuffed into it.  There is one in each room and they are left from when the home was cooled by evaporative coolers on the roof. Now there is a refrigeration unit in the backyard and the cooling comes through floor vents.  We are leaving the ducting and vents, because you just never know.  If we ever installed gas packs on the roof, the ducting could be used.

On another note, my son just sent this picture to us.  It is a 360 degree view series that he took from the roof of the home we just moved from.  Yes, I do miss that view!

Parent's Roof800

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