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Game Table Cover

Canned lights are complete and working!

canned lights

On our screened porch we have an air hockey table that the grandkids all love.  Being on a screened porch can be dangerous to the table.  Rain blowing could potentially damage it.  So, I went to Walmart and bought an inexpensive fleece backed vinyl table cloth and threw it over it.  The wind just blew it right off!  I put cute little birdy tablecloth weights on the corners.  They weren’t much help. Plus, my husband said, even with a cover, water would just pool on the top of it if it rained in hard enough.

After a trip to Home Depot for a sheet of styrofoam insulation, my husband cut it to just the right size for the table.


See how it fits nicely?


Then I laid the tablecloth upside down on the table and measured where to sew on elastic. You can see the marks I made with a black marker.


I proceeded to stretch and sew the elastic onto the tablecloth.  It’s really simple.  You just pull the elastic taught while sewing it on.  It causes the fabric to gather.


Now, the tablecloth is more form fitting and perhaps the wind will not be able to blow it off so easily.  I hope not anyway.

game table cover

What’s next?  A past due mailbox post!

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