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New Mailbox

I wrote this post on February 27th.  And just today noticed that it never posted.  It was still in the ‘drafts’ folder.  So, better late than never!  🙂

This was the mailbox at our new home.  It looks fine from the outside.  On the inside the bottom was loose and didn’t sit in the mailbox straight.  You could lift the bottom and expose a hole into the brick pillar.

mailbox replacementWhile at the hardware store, we picked out a new, simple mailbox of a larger size.   My husband removed the old one. Now you can actually see the hole in the brick pillar.

mailbox replacementThese are the two mailboxes, side by side.  From past experience, we have decided that a larger mailbox works better for most mail.

mailbox replacement

The larger mailbox looks better on the brick pillar, also.

mailbox replacement

We think, possibly, a past owner had the mailman drop the mail under the false bottom in the mailbox, perhaps while on vacation.  Then, when they returned, they got their mail out of the pillar in the door hidden on the back side.

secret doorAs a child, I would have loved that hidden compartment.  Maybe I still do!

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