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Guest Room Demo

The guest room demo has begun.  My husband didn’t want to do any more dry wall mudding until our home was leveled.  So, while waiting for the man to come level it, he began the demo on our guest room.


He removed the old carpet.  The corners of the room had textured drywall which was different from the rest of the room.  I guess for accent, but he removed them.  We want all the walls the same texture.

When he was removing these drywall panels he found that one was not even attached properly.  The drywall was attached to a stud.  But, the stud was  not attached to the board at the ceiling joint.  It was about eight inches short!


My husband will fix it.  I have big plans for this little guest room.


The men did come and level our home.  But the demo of this room was not wasted.  It is now out of the way, and ready for the storage of our new kitchen cabinets.  They are set to arrive in two weeks.  We took advantage of the 20% off sale at IKEA and bought them before we are actually ready to install them.  But this empty room is the perfect place to store them.

We are now back to working on the kitchen demo.  Slowly, but surely we will get it done.

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