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More Kitchen Work

The guest room work got put on hold as soon as the kitchen cabinets were delivered.  The guest room was the only space that we had room for storing all of the cabinets!  I should have been blogging all of this, but I just didn’t.  No excuses.  This will be a quick catch up post.

These are the old cabinets that were removed.  I see by this picture that I am really behind!  The wood floors have all been removed, also.

Old Cabinets. North wall.

Old Cabinets. North wall.

My husband added some electrical outlets and moved others.  He patched all the holes and also removed the laminate flooring which had two layers of tile below it.

kitchen north wall

These are the IKEA cabinets installed on the north wall.  Later will come trim and molding.

Cabinets installed.

Cabinets installed.

He built out a table for eating in the kitchen.  The wood top is temporary until the counter tops are installed when the entire kitchen is done.


The tile that you see on the floor, now, is there for leveling.  The home is not level.  We had a company come out to level it which they did.  However, he told us that the home has settled over the years and cannot get any more level.  So, my husband used layers of tile on the floor in an area that bothered him in particular.  The tiles won’t be visible once the flooring is installed over it.  He is very resourceful.

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