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South and West Walls

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Now that we have caught up considerably, let me show you what we are currently doing.  A few days ago, my son came over and helped to demolish the south and west walls of our kitchen.

I emptied all of the cabinets and put the items who knows where?  Anywhere that I could find space, that’s where!  Then the cabinets came out.


My husband and son work well together and had the cabinets out in a very short time!


Our city has a wonderful free program.  Once every three months they have a bulk pick up of any large items that you want to get rid of.  We were able to get our kitchen broken up and at the street for the next day’s pick up.  20140805cabinetsAtCurb

The trash is gone and we are on to the next project – moving the indoor plumbing from the floor to the wall.  Stay tuned, folks, MacGyver lives here.

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