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Catch up time.


I think three months is a long time in between blog posts.  Don’t you?  Wow.  Time just flies by for us.  Indeed we have been working all of this time.  This post is meant to catch things up a bit.

The kitchen is coming along nicely.  It is completely usable and just needs a few finishing touches, like light rail, crown molding, and a FLOOR!  Thankfully, the floor is going in tomorrow.


The dining room is waiting for the floor and trim.


The living room has been painted and is waiting for trim and floor.  All three rooms will get floor installed tomorrow.  That will be great!

20141212living room painted

My studio is just waiting on closet doors to hide my messes!  🙂  I just covered the office chair today.  I like it better than black leather.


That’s it for the catch up today.  Maybe I can get some pics up of the floor going in tomorrow.


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Author: Cindy

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4 thoughts on “Catch up time.

  1. Love your kitchen!! White is my favorite; and I love the blue you have in there! Also love your island!

  2. Thanks for the update, Cindy! Things are coming along nicely. I love the fabric on your office chair. I’m with you on the preference over black leather. 😉 I know you’ll be happy when the flooring job is behind you…all that furniture-moving is tiring. Were you able to decorate for Christmas this year? It must be hard to do that with all the projects in progress. Decorated or not, Merry Christmas to you and your family! Blessings~

    • Thank you for the comment and for reading my blog. I don’t have much up for Christmas this year. My Christmas cards are hung and some nice neighbors brought us a poinsettia plant that graces the dining room table. It all looks good! 🙂

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